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You can still audition on Sunday 18th September
at Babbage House, King Street, Maidenhead (opposite the Odeon CLICK FOR INFO ).

Please make an appointment by clicking HERE


The Audition Pieces

Please click on the PDF to see all the audition pieces for the Principals. The song is for Jack and the Princess only.

Fairy Beansprout

Good Fairy and Narrator type character. Keeps the story moving along and helps Jack defeat the Giant.


Poison Ivy

The baddie of the bunch. Evil, Scary, Scheming henchwoman of Giant Blunderbore. Needs to really interact with the audience, scare the life out of them and really get them to Boo on cue.

Princess Rose

Typical Princess. A bit Sassy and streetwise. Leads Jack on a little bit. Must be able to sing. Duet with Jack is ‘Love is an open door’ from Frozen, part of the audition.



Principal Boy and hero of the piece. Typical Principal Boy. Must be able to sing. Duet with Princess is ‘Love is an open door’ from Frozen, part of the audition.

Dame Trott

Overprotective, Overbearing, Overacting, Overemotional, Overdressed, Overreactive, Overdramatic. Dame has a solo song which can be sung Pastiche style.

Dozy Den

Works for Dame Trott in the dairy and is the self proclaimed village idiot. Heart of Gold but definitely a few sandwiches short of picnic. Lots of interaction with the audience and is typical idiot sidekick and friend of Jack's.

Giant Blunderbore

2 people wll play Blunderbore. One, who needs to be tall and physically fit, will be in the costume and effectively being a puppeteer while another delivers the lines via offstage mic or recorded. Only auditioning for the voice.


Buttercup the Cow

Traditional Pantomime Cow. Loved by Jack, Den and Dame Trott. Very intelligent cow and is more of family pet than domestic beast. Not auditioning but looking for volunteers.



Typical Panto King but probably not quite as useless. No queen to henpeck him and is a reasonably intelligent king.


Prime Minister

Well we say PM but basically the PM makes up the entire royal court and through the Panto will play many different roles. Needs to constantly change hats and characters to reflect the different roles.

Giant's Housekeeper

Nice Cameo role. Motherly, Homely type. Trapped by the Giant and missed her long lost son.

​Note: As we are aware several people cannot attend the auditions on the 11th we are having further auditions on the 18th by appointment. This means that the Casting Announcement will not be until after the 18th September.


If you are only auditioning for Chorus, you do not need to attend the Auditions, but you must please register your interest HERE, giving us your name (gender if not obvious!), detail of any experience along with your address, email and telephone number before Sunday 18th September.


Children who wish to be in the chorus must do the same although we also need their age. Please note: parents must be prepared to remain with their children at rehearsals. We will provide Licensed Chaperones for the performances.

Please click HERE to see the diary which shows all the rehearsals that are scheduled. These will take place iat Babbage House, King Street, Maidenhead (opposiste the Odeon).

The Script

If you would like to read the whole script - Here it is!

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