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So you want to be onstage?  You may be an old hand, a newer hand or an absolute beginner and your reasons for wanting to tread the boards will be as individual as you are – but we can help you get out there, in front of an audience, feeling happy, secure and successful!   

Interested in being onstage? CLICK HERE 

The MDG 10 Steps

  1. Identify which of our projects will be of interest to you – are you most interested in comedy, drama, pantomime, rehearsed readings or more experimental theatre?

  2. Check the website for information regarding preview meetings – this is where the Director of the piece will share their vision of how their production will look, sound, feel, where it will be staged and what dates are involved. From this you get a feel for whether you want to take things further.

  3. Explore the pre-audition material that is available through the website and prepare as much as you are able for the audition process. The specific requirements will vary according to the genre and the Director and the details will always be made crystal clear.

  4. Attend an audition on a specified date, usually at our rehearsal space in Foundation Park. Casting is completed in best possible time and notified within a week.

  5. a.  If you have been cast, the Director will give you the date of the first rehearsal, which is usually a “get to know you and the piece” session. The full rehearsal schedule follows very quickly afterwards.
    b.  If you have not been cast on this occasion, understand that there are many reasons why/how a cast is put together and then look for ways to be part of this production, with a view to auditioning for a future production.

  6. Begin a rehearsal period where you will be guided through the demands of the piece, with your skills and abilities nurtured and developed and your creative urges satisfied. This is a testing and demanding process, requiring absolute commitment to success, your own and that of the whole company.

  7. Run-up to performance, working with the cast and the whole of the production team, meeting a variety of challenges as they arise.

  8. Production week – 
    a. “the get-in”. Following a planned timetable to move from the rehearsal space into the venue, experience the final preparations for taking a piece “from page to stage”
    b. “the run”. This is it –the culmination of all your hard work and commitment – your performance! You will be well rehearsed, technically well supported and ready to go! Now it’s all down to you - it will be what you make it ..............
    c . “the get-out”. The reverse of the get-in, but taking the experience of live theatre and all that it embodies and putting it to rest in the memories of all those who made it, saw it, shared it.

  9. Go to the party, share the triumphs, share the love, share the drinks.

  10. Look for the opportunity to do it all again, soon.


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