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This is an exciting time for set design and scenery construction.


We have a workshop in central Maidenhead, which gives us the opportunity to manufacture scenery for our productions in a professional environment. We welcome anyone with carpentry or painting skills, or those who want to learn, to get involved in this creative area of theatre production.


This includes designing and making props, furniture and scenery, painting and decorating existing stock to suit the requirements of our productions - whether creating a Tudor mansion, modern high rise, urban cityscape or woodland glade. All this in a safe and comfortable environment!


Construction takes place in the run-up to production, on Saturdays (or during the week for those with a more flexible timetable) and we are always looking for volunteers. 


It is a tremendously rewarding and fun activity, so come and get involved. CLICK HERE

"A man and his tool(s)!"

Drew pictured as we started to fit out  the unit.

"All tidy and ready to use"

The unit now all fitted out.

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