PANTO 2021

Panto is back! (Ohhh yes it is!)

Treasure Island will be performed at Holyport Memorial Hall from Thursday 9th - Sunday 12th December 2021.


Open auditions will be held at Waldeck House, Maidenhead on Sunday 1st August from 2pm

Important info:

  • To keep everyone safe, there will be a reduced cast this year, and this unfortunately means we won't be able to offer any roles to under 16s.

  • There will be an ensemble/chorus, if you are interested in being in the chorus then you don't need to audition, but please register your interest with Emma Zuccaro here.

  • In addition to the audition we would like you to create a short back story (10 lines or so) for the character(s) you are wishing to try out for which you will present to us as the character.

  • If you are cast you will be expected to become a member of Maidenhead Drama Guild for insurance purposes (details here) and pay a show and script fee (TBC).



  • Jim Hawkins - Principal Boy - Female

  • Felicity Trelawney - Principal Girl - Female

  • Ma Hawkins - Dame - Male

  • Long John Silver - Baddie - Male

  • Billy Brass and Nicky Knuckles - Comedy duo - Male or Female

  • Squire Trelawney - Father of Felicity - Male

  • Fairy Godmother - Male or Female

  • Polly the Parrot - Male or Female

  • Robinson Crusoe - Male (also a chorus member)

  • The Beard Seller - Female disguised as male - Female (also a chorus member)


The following characters are cameo roles and have minimal lines so the actor playing them would also be a chorus member.

  • Martha the Barmaid - Female

  • Captain Corker'un - Captain of the Hispaniola disguised as a man - Female

  • Girl Fridays x 7 - Male and Female

  • Pirates : Jolly Roger, Blind Pew & Black Dog - Male or Female

  • Barman - Male

  • Cabin Boy - Male or Female

  • Robin - Non-speaking role

Audition Pieces

Beard Seller (1 piece)

Billy Brass & Nicky Knuckles

(3 pieces)


(1 piece)


(1 piece)

Fairy Godmother

(4 pieces)

Jim Hawkins

(2 pieces)

Long John Silver (1 piece)

Ma Hawkins

(1 piece)


(2 pieces)

Robinson Crusoe

(1 piece)

Squire Trelawney

(2 pieces)