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Puss in Boots Preview Evening - more men needed... could it be you?

Most of the world thinks that this week was just the end of the summer but at Maidenhead Drama Guild we know that it’s so much more! It’s the beginning of the run-up to Christmas! And we all know that Christmas won’t happen until MDG have given the world their Panto 2015 – Puss in Boots.

We got off to a great start with the pre-view evening where our Director, Dianne Farmiloe introduced her creative team and her ideas for staging this traditional favourite.

Dianne took us through the story, scene by scene, with excerpts from the script being read by volunteers (willing or otherwise) from the floor. This gave us a real flavour of the characters, the humour and the potential of the piece. If the membership laughs at the jokes in the read thru, it’s a pretty safe bet that the punters will love it too, especially once all the other elements are in place. No tower to build this year, but plenty of other challenges for the set-designer, wardrobe mistress and props master, to say nothing of the music (Andy Barr) and dance (Hannah Reynolds) that is involved.

There was a great turn out of interested parties and it was fantastic to see so many younger people wanting to be involved in all the action. There was a real air of excitement by the end of the evening, with everyone looking forward to the auditions on Sunday.

Just one little thing, though..... the females outnumbered the males pretty heavily, it has to be said. The calibre of the attending males was indisputable but we still need some more men to get a good balance. If you are a man, want to have a really fun time, over a number of weeks, culminating in a prolonged explosion of enjoyment – look no further! Come see us on Sunday, join the gang, be in a show. Satisfaction guaranteed!

See above – do these men look happy? Yes they do – and so can you!

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