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Sleeping Beauty Cast Announced!

We are delighted to announce our fabulous cast for our 2018 Pantomime, Sleeping Beauty.

Winnie, the Dame - Robin Lovell

Harry the Jester - Dan Monroe

Deadly Nightshade - Mel Short

Snivel - Simon Kelly

Fairy Lilac - Hayley Smith

Fairy Lavender - Beth Monroe

Fairy Lupin - Emma Zuccaro

Princess Rose - Morgan Elliott

Prince William - Maverick Davies

Queen Camellia - Georgina Browne

Hark, The Herald and Ticketmaster - Harry Wildman

The Harbourmaster - Matthew Copeman

Goldilocks - Ella Oliver

Snow White- Katie O'Connell

Hansel - Lauren Evans

Gretel - Alannah Ryder

Little Red Riding Hood - Lottie Mitchell

Big Blue Balaclava - Anna Gambrill

The Ensemble

Scott Brown

Anne Croft

Kim Leyendeckers

Amber Manley

Graeme Mitchell

Phoebe Mitchell

Zoe Roberts

Katie Styles

Oh and tickets are on sale and starting to go - it's never too early to book for the best seats in the house! Just click the HERE to go to our Box Office...

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