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A Tale of Two Cities Cast Announced

Charles Dickens'

A Tale of Two Cities

Adapted by Mike Poulton

Charles Darnay Adam Bell

Sydney Carton Huw Mordecai

Lucie Manette Noa McAlistair

Alexandre Manette Haydn Davis

Jarvis Lorry David Bukht

Miss Pross Maggi Jinks

Ernest Defarge Robin Lovell

Therese Defarge Fiona Mottershaw

Marquis St Evremond Mick Craig also Jerry Cruncher

John Barsad James Taylor

C.J. Stryver Julian Fox

Jenny Herring Mikaela Martinez-Joyce

Pamela Keating Gerry Tattersall

Artemis Greeb (Attorney-General) Richard Mauldon also Etienne Gabelle

Gaspard (Peasant Father) Graeme Mitchell

Peasant Child Lotte Mitchell

Other members of the cast with characters as yet unassigned. Liz Allen, Julia Ashton, Bob Britten, Maureen Cronin, Jenny Evans, Anna Hughes, Aby Mitchell, Pheobe Mitchell, John McCollough, Kate Rayner, Jim Yates

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