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Team Clearout!

Think Team Clearout did a great job yesterday at the Chapel!

Noa, you MUST get a silk dressing gown....yep Noa cleared and organised in style, wearing a costume.

Jim was as practical as ever and did very well coping with us 4 women...think you and I have missed a career opportunity in reorganising and clearing hangers Jim!!

There were the excited oohs and aahs from Jenny as she rediscovered much loved costumes from many tears ago....that should be years ago!! Kate was focussed and fixed on furry stuff for Puss in Boots.

Anna was the Ladder Queen as she went up and down the ladder to the mezzanine more than anyone else!!

I bemoaned the fact that I hadn't taken my Dynamo labeller as Noa and I would have been in our element labelling everything...Zoe...I have said that you and I WILL do that soon!!! I have taken bags of old costumes to Thames Hospice in Maidenhead today....Noa is taking even more bags this week. I also had the joy of throwing 6 bags of old hangers away in our local tip as I couldn't find anyone who recycles them any more.

All in all excellent work from all involved.

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