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The Journey So Far BBQ

Dear All

Well, we are all getting into summer and it won't be long before teachers and school employees will be able to say same!

So... as reported in the last newsletter, we are having an MDG get together on Tuesday 4th August, and we have are having a barbie (q, not doll). This is to update you all on “The Journey So Far” - in response to the question that someone posed, which was “what exactly are you doing?”

Your committee will tell you what's been happening in their particular area of responsibility, where we are going for the future, and how we hope to achieve that. There will also be a revelation that should interest you all.

If you are planning on joining us, all you need to do is: 1. tell us – 2. turn up at Dianne's – 4 Timbers Walk Maidenhead SL6 4QL (after parking on Altwood Road please) 3. at 7.00pm for 7.30pm 4. bring whatever you choose to drink

We'll provide you with a burger/sausage and something to put it in. If you would like to bring a plate of something to add to the repast, please feel free! I'm doing some spud salad (what else would a 50% Irish woman bring?)

Partners welcome!

Once Hayley gets the internet sorted in her NEW HOME, she'll be emailing you all.

See you there!

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