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Audition Information for our Festival entry!


The Dreaming

by Richard James

Directed by Ben Cole

After years of working technically behind the scenes, last year Ben Cole expressed an interest in taking his first steps towards directing. So, after acting as Director’s Assistant to Drew on A Tale of Two Cities, to enable him to get a better idea of all that is involved in directing, Ben put forward The Dreaming for the 2016 Festival, and we are delighted to support him to make his first experience a good one.

The play requires two experienced actors, male or female, who are keen to also support Ben in his endeavour, and the auditions will be at Foundation Park at 6.30pm on Thursday 21st January. Rehearsals will start early in February on Mondays and Thursdays and the play will have one public performance at Norden Farm during the week of the Drama Festival 12-19th March. If you are interested but cannot make the audition day please email .

About the play: Two people find themselves in a featureless room, with no memory of how they arrived there, or even who they are. Their only clues come from scraps of paper on the floor, that seem to mirror words they have spoken. Can it be true that they’re just characters in an unwritten play?

If you too have aspirations to learn about an aspect of theatre you’ve not embarked on before, please get in touch and we will also try to make it happen for you!

If you join the cast you will be required to become a member.


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