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Stags and Hens - Get Involved!

Come to our Preview and find out more about this fantastic play by Willy Russell (Educating Rita, Shirley Valentine, Blood Brothers)

Dave and Linda are getting married, but have unknowingly planned their stag and hen parties at the same club, on the same night. While Dave has his head in the toilet, Linda bumps into an old flame, Peter, and has to make a decision - does she stay in Liverpool and play it safe with Dave, or take a risk and run away with Peter?

True to Russell’s style, ‘Stags and Hens’ is a comedic commentary on working class Liverpool and the fear of the unknown.

The cast requires 5-6 men and 5-6 women capable of maintaining a strong Liverpudlian accent, and all but one (man or woman) need to have a playing age of between 18 and 35.

To assist auditionees with the former, we have arranged for a Voice/Accent Workshop which you are welcome to attend even if you do not want to audition! BOOK HERE

KEY DATES Preview - Sun 13th November 2.30pm

Voice/Accent Workshop - Tues 22nd 7.30pm

Auditions - Sun 27th November 2.30pm

Performances - Wed 22nd - Sat 25th March 2017

For more information, please contact Beth HERE

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