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New Committee elected!

At the AGM last night the membership elected the new Committee.

They are:

Claire Stretton, Chairman,

Tess Preston, Secretary,

Robin Lovell, Treasurer,

Drew Thomas, Artistic Director,

Sam Partridge, Production Director,

Kristina Perkins, Facilities Director,

Maureen Bukht, Skills Development Director,

The post of Public Relations Director was not filled. This is a vitally important role for MDG and we need to fill it as soon as possible. If you, or someone you know, has the necessary skill-set and would like to be considered for this role please email Claire. The full description of the role is:

Public Relations (PR) Director

  • Attends all MDG Committee meetings.

Strategic responsibilities:

Assists with the direction and development of the Group

  • Develops and maintains the Group Visual Identity strategy

  • Develops and maintains the Group Marketing strategy

  • Develops and maintains the Production Marketing strategy.

Operational responsibilities:

  • Arranges for the regular and timely production of the Newsletter

  • Ensures all material produced in print or online comply with the Visual Identity strategy of the Group

  • Ensures the effective publicising of Group activities

  • Liaises with Production Director to publicise pre-production activities

  • Liaises with Skills Development Director to publicise activities

  • Arranges for the maintenance of the Website and Social Media activity

  • Assists Production Managers to recruit a PR Manager for each Production

  • Supplies a Production Marketing Template to each Production PR Manager offering advice and support.

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