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Puss in Boots Cast Announced!

The Characters

Emma Lancia Jack Our hero

Kate Dew Puss The clever, booted pussy cat

Tilly Mitchell Princess Alice The royal daughter ready for marriage

Robin Lovell King Herbert The King of the kingdom

Fiona Motterhaw Queen Mildred The Queen of the kingdom

Scott Kitson Lord Roger The Villain

Rob Harris Nosmo One of the King brothers

Patrick Ashe Nopar The other King brother

Matt Filmore Dame Hettie Quette Auntie to the hero

Ros Inglis Narrator The story teller

Ensemble (Adults and Children) Villagers, animals, guards and courtiers

Kiera Ash, Kimberley Coulson, Jane Donovan, Katie Fleming, Anna Gambrill, Naomi Hennessey, Corinna Harriot, James Harold, Graham Howarth, Eleanor Northcote, Sam Partridge, Charlotte Porter, Rebecca Whalley, Beth Wood.

In addition there will be a further Children's Audition in the form of a Workshop on the 7th October between 6pm-7pm at Foundation Park, no advance preparation is required.

If you join the cast you will be required to become a member.

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