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Preview for Lovesong by Abi Morgan

Directed by Maureen Bukht

and Jeanette Talbot

Performance dates -

2-5 November 2016

Preview - 24 May 2016 7.45pm at 6 Foundation Park

Lovesong is the story of one couple, told from two different points in their lives - as young lovers in their 20s and as worldly companions looking back on their relationship. Their past and present selves collide in this haunting and beautiful tale of togetherness. All relationships have their ups and downs; the optimism of youth becomes the wisdom of experience. Join us for our Preview Evening on Tuesday 24th May, 7.45pm at Foundation Park to find out more about our vision for this piece. It will be a fascinating evening and whether you are interested in an onstage role or would rather stay behind the scenes, we will love to see you there.

If you would like more information but cannot attend the Preview, please click HERE.

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